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Viva CurvExpo NV

February 16, 2010

I am currently in Las Vegas for the CurvExpo – the designer lingerie and swim show with JL of Pretty-Bras for Nursing Moms.  Be back to painting portraits on Wednesday!

Found a new blog today … one of those blogs you could lose yourself in, reading all the archived posts and before you know it hours have past…  The Everything is Terrible blog (If everything is terrible, then nothing is!).

It is worth checking out if you have time to waste and want to be extremely unproductive.

When I watercolor paint, I have two favorite glass jars to use for water (yes, I have favorite jars).  They are reincarnated pickle jars.  I love pickles and a while back I ordered some pickles from Rick’s Picks.  Once I promptly ate all the pickles, I washed the empty jars in the dishwasher and began using the jars when I watercolor paint.

Both pickle “flavors” I had were delicious, but the Kool Gherks were my fave.

Today True Religion Photography featured MOCHIE-ROO in its new “The Featured Artist” series.  True Religion Photography is owned by Chelsea Valach, a very talented photographer here in Durango, Colorado.   As part of a new series to spice things up on her blog, Chelsea is interviewing local artists and photographing their work.  These interviews and photos are then showcased in a blog post.

Well, MOCHIE-ROO was lucky enough to be the FIRST featured artist and the post went up today!  Perhaps even more exciting, Chelsea and I are offering a prize drawing for a FREE watercolor pet portrait of YOUR pet!  To enter, go to Chelsea’s blog post and after reading the post, simply leave a comment in the comment section.  Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a custom pet portrait; and that one lucky winner will be announced on February 15th. (***Only comments left on CHELSEA’s BLOG, not here on mine, will be entered to win the watercolor pet portrait.***)

Enough talk from me… go check out the blog:

True Religion Photography presents the Featured Artist

Hmmm, definitely won’t be getting on of these anytime soon to take Mocha out on runs with me … interesting but no.

You go girl! ..... Ha! Ridiculous!

Pooper-Scoopin in the Snow

January 21, 2010

We are getting some amazing amounts of snow here in Durango, CO today … and as I was walking downtown today a steamy pile of you-know-what in the snow made me think of something.  I do not think that the snow cancels out a dog owners responsibility to pick up his/her pooch’s poo.  When you dog deficates, whether on grass, rocks, cement, snow, you are responsible for picking it up.  To often in the past few months I have seen neglectful pooper scoopers who leave their dog’s poo pile steaming in the snow to eventually freeze into a frozen stiff poo pile.  At the very worst, I have seen a pile of dog poo on the snow-shoveled sidewalk!

My google image search for "dog poop in snow" was unfruitful. So this No Dog Poop logo will have to suffice!

I understand that it can be more difficult to scoop up poo when there is snow on the ground, especially if your dog just took a smash in an untouched field of 3-ft snow.   That said, every dog owner is guilty (me included) of not picking up after their dog at one time or another for some reason.  However, the abundance of snow we have received here has really created a contrast with the brown stuff (brown really pops out at ya in a sea of white) and made me think that too many dog owners have lax poop scooping policies.