When I watercolor paint, I have two favorite glass jars to use for water (yes, I have favorite jars).  They are reincarnated pickle jars.  I love pickles and a while back I ordered some pickles from Rick’s Picks.  Once I promptly ate all the pickles, I washed the empty jars in the dishwasher and began using the jars when I watercolor paint.

Both pickle “flavors” I had were delicious, but the Kool Gherks were my fave.


In this kind of economy you may be considering forgoing sending out Valentines.  Well, to that I say, WHAT????  Paper correspondence is important no matter what the occasion, and even for no occasion.  And, lucky for us, Red Stamp (a favorite paper purveyour of mine) is offering FREE digital files for you to print your own Valentines at home.  They have a handful of designs that are funky, unique (no Barbie or Transformer V-cards here), and fun!  They also give you the option to send e-V-cards for FREE, and as always, they have beautiful paper cards for purchase, too.

Today True Religion Photography featured MOCHIE-ROO in its new “The Featured Artist” series.  True Religion Photography is owned by Chelsea Valach, a very talented photographer here in Durango, Colorado.   As part of a new series to spice things up on her blog, Chelsea is interviewing local artists and photographing their work.  These interviews and photos are then showcased in a blog post.

Well, MOCHIE-ROO was lucky enough to be the FIRST featured artist and the post went up today!  Perhaps even more exciting, Chelsea and I are offering a prize drawing for a FREE watercolor pet portrait of YOUR pet!  To enter, go to Chelsea’s blog post and after reading the post, simply leave a comment in the comment section.  Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a custom pet portrait; and that one lucky winner will be announced on February 15th. (***Only comments left on CHELSEA’s BLOG, not here on mine, will be entered to win the watercolor pet portrait.***)

Enough talk from me… go check out the blog:

True Religion Photography presents the Featured Artist

MOCHIE-ROO loves Etsy!

As you know, I am hard at work at getting my MOCHIE-ROO website up.  It will, of course, be mochieroo.com.  However, in the meantime MOCHIE-ROO has opened up a shop on Etsy.  If you have never visited Etsy before, oh my are you in for a treat.  Etsy is kind of like an eBay for people to list their handmade, painted, crafty, and/or vintage works (Etsy doesn’t have auctions, though, just listings and stores).  Etsy, like eBay, is a site that you could get lost in for hours browsing around…

However, I want you to go straight to MY MOCHIE-ROO Etsy store, then you can browse around.

Some other really fun Etsy stores/items to check out are:

Kay’s K9s – minature kneedle felted dogs and cats

Books Print by The Black Apple


Tour de Library bookplates

A fun way to shop and explore is by Pouncing … try it!

Lovin’ Lululemon

February 4, 2010

If you have not heard of Lululemon yet, you are in for a pleasant new active clothing experience.  I had seen a Lululemon store in Las Vegas several years ago, walked through it quickly, and walked back out, not taking much time or paying much attention.  Then all of the sudden Lululemon stores started popping up everywhere!  The two cities I visit most that have Lululemon stores, Denver and Phoenix, have blown up with the Lululemon goods.  Both Denver and Phoenix are relatively active cities, so it isn’t surprising that a fresh, new, functional brand like Lululemon took off so well.
Enough talk from me …


Click on the omega (which looks like Lululemon’s logo) to check out thier website for women’s and men’s activewear.

I also thoroughly enjoy Lululemon’s blog

Throughout the month of January, Elim blogged daily about wearing the Wunder Under pants and crops (basically black leggings) everyday to work during the day and to workout after work.  It was a really entertaining series.

For February, they have several girls covering the Winter Olympics … I am following this through Elim’s Facebook page (search for Elim Canada).

What I love about this brand is the excitement surrounding it, including the excitement that emanates from the employees (in the stores and Elim, for example).  It is a larger, fast-growing company but it feels very personal and small.

pigeon toe CERAMICS

January 29, 2010

pigeon toe  CERAMICS Website

I forget how I found this company and their website, but I LOVE their ceramics.  In particular, my favorite are the mini creamers!

pigeon toe is also on etsy.com (another FABULOUS site), where my favorites are the dent finger mug and stoneware mini creamer.

I just found this website that does  inexpensive and very cute home portraits.  You provide them a photo of your home and they reproduce it as a one-of-a-kind illustration.  Then they can print that illustration on invitaions (to a house-warming party?), change of address announcements, etc.  From the few examples that are shown, they do a very nice job!  And talk about reasonable prices … it is only $35 for the home portrait and then custom notecards are only $50 for 25 or $95 for 50.

Push the envelope has lots of other fun stuff as well!!!  Check it out!