When we got home this afternoon from Teddy’s Run (a 5K fundraiser for a local 10-year old undergoing treatment for a brain tumor), we were excited to find a Valentine waiting in our mailbox from my aunt, Jonna (Chloe’s sister in Phoenix)!

Jonna sent Chloe a pair of Lululemon socks (remember, Chloe blogged about Lululemon a while back?).  Chloe was excited about those socks, but I was excited because Jonna sent ME some Bentley’s Biscuits, wholesome, handmade doggie treats made with REAL food ingredients (not yucky stuff).  I got the Apples & Oats and the Peanut Butter!!!  These are supremely delicious treats, and they are low-calorie and good for me (a lady has to keep an eye on her figure, ya know!).

Well, as I mentioned, Chloe was excited about those socks, but then I caught her eyeballing MY treats!!!  She even took a bite of one before sharing it with me, the rightful owner!  Anyways, we tried the Apple & Oats, and it was AMAZING!!! BEST TREAT I EVER TASTED!!!  Chloe agreed, she said they were yummy, too, and not just dog-treat yummy, but truly tasty!  No wonder she took another nibble before giving me another!

Here’s more information about the ingredients/flavors:

Apples & Oats: Rolled oats, unsweetened 100% apple juice, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.

Peanut Butter: The highest quality all natural, unsweetened 100% peanut butter, mixed with rolled oats, whole wheat flour and
fresh eggs.

Health Dog: Whole pumpkin, rolled oats, whole wheat flour, cinnamon and fresh eggs. (I am going to get online today and order this flavor, mmmmm it sounds so good!)

Chicken: Real chicken broth, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.

Beef: Real beef broth, whole wheat, fresh eggs and garlic.

Honestly, am being dramatic; I didn’t mind sharing my treats with Chloe, I am a sweet girl like that.  However, I am not sure I want to share them with anyone else, so you should go out and get your own.  You can order them online and they are available at AJ’s Fine Foods locations in the Phoenix, AZ area.


MOCHIE-ROO loves Etsy!

As you know, I am hard at work at getting my MOCHIE-ROO website up.  It will, of course, be mochieroo.com.  However, in the meantime MOCHIE-ROO has opened up a shop on Etsy.  If you have never visited Etsy before, oh my are you in for a treat.  Etsy is kind of like an eBay for people to list their handmade, painted, crafty, and/or vintage works (Etsy doesn’t have auctions, though, just listings and stores).  Etsy, like eBay, is a site that you could get lost in for hours browsing around…

However, I want you to go straight to MY MOCHIE-ROO Etsy store, then you can browse around.

Some other really fun Etsy stores/items to check out are:

Kay’s K9s – minature kneedle felted dogs and cats

Books Print by The Black Apple


Tour de Library bookplates

A fun way to shop and explore is by Pouncing … try it!

I am finishing up Zoe’s portrait tonight … Zoe is an Italian Greyhound.

Meet Zoe.

The photo I am working from has great composition and a really cool background (it is a simple background – not a lot of detail, but it is cool – not the photo above).  I changed the color in the background a little to make the color scheme match better overall, and I am really excited about how the portrait turned out!  I will be posting the final/finished portrait tomorrow (hopefully), but for now here is a look at Zoe’s portrait’s scrap palette.

Zoe's Portrait's Scrap Palette: Hmmmm, purples, pinks, greys, blues ...

The Scoop on Newman

January 26, 2010

Last Friday as I painted Newman and earlier when I posted his portrait, I didn’t know a whole lot about him.  That has changed as Newman’s owner, Luke, filled me in.  First of all, Newmain is a Border Collie/Heeler mix – that makes for an exotic looking little guy!  Newman loves the snow, going on walks, and Luke says Newman is a people-pleaser.  The name Newman refers to Paul Newman, because of the pup’s beautiful blue eyes.

Newman is a beautiful, unique dog and therefor was very enjoyable to paint.  One thing I am especially pleased with is the background.  Although it is very light, I think it looks really cool.  The photo I worked from had Newman laying in the snow, so that is what the background is reminiscent of.  (Conclusion: Snow makes for a cool background.)

Next up, I am working on an Italian Greyhound named Zoe … she is a sweet, timid, fragile-looking little girl.  I am working from a photo with a cool background, which I think will translate into a spectacular watercolor background.  Au revior for now!


January 11, 2010

So this past weekend at the dog park and the weekend before and the weekend before that, Mocha got a million compliments on her new collar (she got it for Christmas from my sister). 

Well, I knew this collar was cute, but after receiving so many compliments I realized that maybe people weren’t aware of the cute collars out there.  Upon closer observation I did indeed see many boring collars on other dogs. 

Mocha’s collar is from WaLk-e-Woo and is a thicker version of the one shown above (her’s is about 2-2.5″ wide). 

WaLk-e-Woo has collars, leashes, harnesses, and toys for dogs.  They also have hats and belts for humans.  I am not a fan of the human gear (I chose not to purchase any of my own accessories from a dog product company), but the dog goods are top notch.

I came across the cutest website today for Boston Terrier lovers: All-Mighty Shop: For the Love of Boston Terriers & all things cute! Talk about cute.  I especially love their logo … and the models on the dog clothing page.  Hahahaha too goofy!
If you are a fan on Bostons then this site is a must-check-it-out for you.  I want a site like this devoted to chocolate labs!!!  If anyone knows of one, lemme know!

The google search of “for the love of Chocolate Labs” didn’t return much, except for this blog posting on the Daily Puppy about “Jake the Chocolate Lab.” He is darn cute.  Why are chocolate labs extra cute when they are wet after a bath?