Welcome to the MOCHIE-ROO (Pronunciation: Mo-key-Ru) Blog!

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MOCHIE-ROO Owner and Artist: Chloe Marty

My name is Chloe Marty and I live and work in beautiful Durango, Colorado.  My family consists of myself, my husband John, and our chocolate lab, Mocha.  My passions include running, mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, reading, and watercolor painting.  MOCHIE-ROO: Watercolor Pet Portraits by Chloe is my online business.  I paint custom watercolor portraits of pets from a photo the pet owner gives/sends me.

I have been watercolor painting since I was in the fourth grade.  My love of watercolor painting began with a watercolor class every Saturday.  On and off since then I have watercolor painted as a hobby.  The, when I met the second love of my life (my husband being my first love) my new pet painting passion was born…

Mochie-Roo (legal name Mocha Marty) our chocolate lab, is the inspiration for my newest passion of painting furry, four-legged family members.  Mocha is 6 ½ years old, and she only recently came to live with my husband and I in June of 2008.  She was originally my husband’s dog, then she went to live with his parents for several years, and now she is back living with us.  She has quickly become MY dog, specifically; and she is my constant companion.

Mocha is a youthful, playful lady and often gets mistaken for a puppy despite her age.  She never minds when people mistake her for a puppy; that is a compliment to any middle-aged woman.  Mocha enjoys cuddling, running, mountain biking, hiking, sleeping, and eating.  Her favorite foods are peanut butter, pears, and carrots.

The MOCHIE-ROO Method, Technique, & Style

From one of your favorite photos, I will produce an original work of watercolor art of your furry friend approximately 4×6” or 5×7” in size. To truly capture your animal’s personality (whatever it may be!) I work from lovable up-close shots of your animal and their sweet face.  I will also request a few fun facts from you about your animal so that I may really get to know him/her; I want to be sure that the portrait reveals the essence of your furry family member! The background of the portrait will develop as the portrait comes to life. I may leave it white, which creates a stunning impression, or use/modify the existing background of the photo.  At times, ink is used in addition to watercolor paint for super-detailed part of furry faces; capturing those details is my passion.  Each portrait is 100% original and unique. I sign the piece and number it 1/1, as it is the only of its kind in existence.

Meet Mocha and Me

My husband, John, and I on our wedding day: August 2007.

My chocolate muse, Mocha aka Mochie-Roo.



2 Responses to “About MOCHIE-ROO”

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