Buca Re-do

February 10, 2010

I was not really happy with how Buca’s portrait turned out when I first painted her back in January, which was in large part because the photo I worked from was adorable as a photo, but not as a watercolor portrait without a background.  Buca’s owner, Patrick, also thought the first portrait I did could really use a background (I appreciate honesty from my clients SO MUCH).  Well, I took Patricks constructive comments about the background and decided the first portrait of Buca was not worthy, and not up to par with the rest of my work, so, I got some new photos from Patrick, and painted a new portrait of her.  It was well worth it, because I am 1000% happier with how Buca’s new portrait turned out, in fact it is one of my personal favorites. I am particularly happy with how the nose/muzzle/mouth and bust turned out in this new portrait.  If you remember back to the first portrait I did of Buca, I struggled with the fuzzy, furriness of Buca.  Well, this time, I think I nailed it.

Ta-Da! The new, improved Buca portrait!

Right after I decided Buca's portrait was finished and ready to dry for the final time.

I still don’t know a whole lot about Buca (other than she’s adorable when she smiles) … so look for a follow-up post with more about her in the future.


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