February 3, 2010

Frankie is a Boston Terrier puppy belonging to TiAn and Justin who live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Frankie is TiAn’s first dog (like me and Mocha!) so she was pleasantly surprised to find that she could love a non-human little being so much (that is how I feel about Mocha!).

After much research regarding which breed of puppy to acquire, TiAn and Justin settled on Boston Terriers for their loyalty, affection, high-energy, and because they are known to be good dogs for small homes.

As Frankie approaches 6 months old, his personality has really started to show … TiAn says he is so funny,  just cracks her up, and she’ll be the first to admit that Frankie is adorable, but also a little funny looking.  Frankie is very in tune with TiAn and he can cheer her up and make her laugh just when she needs it, and that is her favorite thing about him.  Even Frankie’s trainer found him to have the most sensitive soul of all the Bostons she’s met.  His big eyes help with that whole expressive, sensitive thing.  In fact, Frankie uses those eyes to get what he wants!  TiAn says that when Frankie wants something and she won’t give it to him, he squints his eyes and tucks in one side of his upper lip.  I am sure that face is no match for TiAn at that point!
Frankie is still learning and he has his “imperfections” too.  He is still afraid of older dogs, but he loves other puppies.  He is still not quite sure what to think of babies and little kids (“What is wrong with that human?  It is small, unpredictable, and shrieks a lot!”).  He is a LOUD snorer, which TiAn informs me is not uncommon in Boston Terriers (check out this little noisy Boston boy on YouTube!)  And while you’re on YouTube, TiAn says another good way to understand Frankie is to watch this video, but picture little Frankie instead.  Frankie’s last imperfection is his passing gas; TiAn says he can clear a building!  How does something so smelly come out of something so cute and small?
Frankie’s favorite toys are Justin’s ice hockey skates and roller hockey skates.  Frankie drags the ice skates, which are as big as he is and weigh just as much too, around by the laces.  Frankie chews on the roller skates’ rubber wheels, but since this is the only thing Frankie chews on (no furniture, cords, etc.), TiAn considers herself lucky.  Frankie also likes to roll down hills (now there is a YouTube video I want to see!).  Much like Mocha, Frankie is a comfort snob; he likes to sleep on laps and behind the couch cushions.  If your lap is not up to his comfort standard, however, he’ll let you know!

It was a pleasure to paint Frankie!  I knew he would be fun to paint when I saw all the amazing photos that TiAn and Justin have taken of him.  I had so many cute photos to work from and the one I chose really showcased those big, goofy, expressive eyes.  Frankie’s ears ensured there was no monotony of black and white as they were pink and purple all the way (kind of like the kitty, Rizzo)!

Looks like Frankie has a little mischief in his eyes!


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