Sweet Max, the Teddy Bear

January 30, 2010

Max is a very sweet guy … approximately 6-7 years old, Max’s exact breed is unknown.  He is believed to have perhaps some chow and shepard in him, but maybe something else, too.  Regardless of Max’s genetic makeup, one thing is certain, he reminds me of a sweet Teddy Bear, just like my Mocha does.  His personality is just as loveable, too.  Max is easy-going, super obedient, people-pleasing, and intelligent.

Max’s coat is black with an undercoat of golden brown.  In the photo I worked from, I could also see dark browns and reddish browns in there, too.  This fuzzy, multi-dimensional coat was a challenge to re-create with watercolor, but I am happy with the end result.  It is difficult to see in the scan of the watercolor, but after Max’s portrait was dry I went in and added some very fine brush stokes that really give his body the hairiness and fuzziness.  Max’s eyes were also challenging because they are so sweet, soulful, and expressive.  I am happy with the end result on the eyes, as well.

The photo of Max that I worked from showed Max sitting outside in the snow.  There was nothing particularly special about the background, however, so instead of reproducing it exactly, I just added in a little snow-esque background to the watercolor portrait.

This is Max (this is not the photo I worked from, but it is another adorable photo)


2 Responses to “Sweet Max, the Teddy Bear”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Another amazing portrait!!! He looks just as sweet as he is in real life!

  2. Marjorie Kirk Says:

    What a cute picture! A person can’t help but notice Max’s eyes when they pet him and this picture shows the expression of his eyes so well. Great job!

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