The Scoop on Newman

January 26, 2010

Last Friday as I painted Newman and earlier when I posted his portrait, I didn’t know a whole lot about him.  That has changed as Newman’s owner, Luke, filled me in.  First of all, Newmain is a Border Collie/Heeler mix – that makes for an exotic looking little guy!  Newman loves the snow, going on walks, and Luke says Newman is a people-pleaser.  The name Newman refers to Paul Newman, because of the pup’s beautiful blue eyes.

Newman is a beautiful, unique dog and therefor was very enjoyable to paint.  One thing I am especially pleased with is the background.  Although it is very light, I think it looks really cool.  The photo I worked from had Newman laying in the snow, so that is what the background is reminiscent of.  (Conclusion: Snow makes for a cool background.)

Next up, I am working on an Italian Greyhound named Zoe … she is a sweet, timid, fragile-looking little girl.  I am working from a photo with a cool background, which I think will translate into a spectacular watercolor background.  Au revior for now!


2 Responses to “The Scoop on Newman”

  1. JL Moores Says:

    This might be my favorite portrait yet Chloe! Newman is an absolutely beautiful dog! The snow does make for an incredible background…I think the artist might have a little to do with it though. My version of snow would be the white paper untouched 🙂

  2. Emily Says:

    Aparently Jenny and I have similar taste, because I love this one too! The snow is a super fun background and the dog is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on this one! You captured a lot of personality in this on!

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