Can they all be my favorites? … Zipper’s Portrait

January 12, 2010

Every time I finish a watercolor, I say to myself, “Geez, I think THIS is my favorite portrait I have done yet!”  Then when I look back at portraits I have previously completed, I think, “Hmmm I think THIS is my favorite!”  But I have come to the conclusion, they are all my favorites and that is just the way it is and that is just fine!

Zipper is a sweet Border Collie/Chow mix (interesting combo, eh?) … he is very passive aggressive when it comes to being stubborn, however.  If Zipper is outside but it is time to go inside, instead of listening to his owner, David or Tyan, he will lay down, roll over and submit on his back, refusing to come inside the house.  We’re not talking about submitting on the front lawn either; Zipper takes a stand and lays down right in the middle of the road.  Luckily the many cars he has encountered during his strikes have been understanding and patient, and most have gotten a good laugh more than anything watching as Tyan gets Zipper back in the house the only way possible … like I said Zipper is stubborn, so once he’s down, he’s not getting up…  So, the only thing left for Tyan to do is to pick Zipper up and carry him into the house.

Zipper does not like being left behind either … I remember one day I met David and Tyan at their house to go on a road ride (road cycling), and Zipper was watching us leave from the patio.  Zipper whined and whined and as we rode away, we could still hear Zipper crying and whining when we were blocks away.

Well, without further adieu let me introduce Zipper, an unexpected but adorable combination of Border Collie and Chow:

I went for a background with Zipper because he is so light in color.  Also the background in the photograph that Tyan and David gave to me to work from from looked good and contained some nice colors (the blue, mauve-y brown, and purple).  Therefor, Zipper is another good example of when a background works out well.  Zipper is mostly white with some tan freckles, so his actual face and body did not take much color, just a little brown, tan, and buttery yellow.  Zipper’s nose and eyes were fun to work on since they contained some beautiful deep colors (dark rose-y pink and mauve-y purple in the nose … dark brown, dark gray-ish purple in the eyes).  One thing that I think was captured very well is that Zipper is very soft and fluffy … and I think that comes through in his watercolor portrait.  After working on Buca, who was also fuzzy-wuzzy, I was wanting another chance to work on fuzz and I got that chance in Zipper.

Zipper just recently got a little sister, 3-year old Snowball.  Tyan is currently looking for a good picture so that I can paint Snowball, too.


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