Comfort Queen

January 11, 2010

In an effort for everyone to get to know Mocha (aka Mochie-Roo) better (since she is the muse of MOCHIE-ROO: Pet Watercolor Portraits by Chloe), I plan to do some posts about my chocolate girl.

Important Tid-Bit #1 : Mocha is a comfort whore (excuse my language).   This girl seeks out and hones in on soft, warm, comfy places and claims them as her own.  She will begin snoring while still awake or be asleep within seconds; either way you will know she has found her new cozy spot.  Wrap her up, tuck her in, and let her sleep.  She is good to go.

Mochie has so much energy people at the dog park think she’s a puppy …

But just as Mocha plays HARD, she rest and relaxs HARD too!


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