Scrap Palettes

January 5, 2010

When I complete a watercolor pet portrait, I don’t get to keep the original painting.  It gets sent off to the pet parent who commissioned the portrait.  However, I do have my scrap palette from each portrait and I find it very enjoyable to look back at these scrap palettes.

What the heck is a scrap palette?  Well, that is my “term” for it, if it has a true, official name I do not know it.  Every time I start a watercolor, I turn to a new page in my small spiral bound watercolor paper notebook.  As I am painting I use this small notebook to test colors and lessen the paint on my brush.  So, regardless of its official name, I call it a scrap palette because that is what it is for me.

It is fun to look back at these because they often contain almost, if not all the different colors I used in a particular painting.  In essence, it is a small piece of the portrait that I get to keep.

I thought I would share some of my scrap palettes with you.  These are from recent portraits that I have completed and posted on my blog.

from Honey’s portrait

from little Ginger’s portrait

from Tor’s portrai

from Bella’s portrait


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