My first kitty cat: Rizzo

January 5, 2010

I finished my first kitty cat watercolor portrait late yesterday, a playful little guy named Rizzo. Rizzo is a typical boy who loved playing and bouncing around, but he also loves cuddling with his mom in a very specific nook of her neck.

As for painting a cat for the first time … The actual painting part was not too much different than painting a dog, the initial sketch is what was a challenge.  Obviously cats are VERY different than dogs in shape, proportion, etc. and that was abundantly clear as I sketched.  I have to say, though, the photo Rizzo’s mama, Andrea, gave me was fabulous to work from.  Rizzo was the focal point; he was crisp and detailed, and his sweet face was easy to see detail on.

Rizzo turned out a little darker than his real-life counterpart, which I think is due to my layering of color.  After I was all finished and Rizzo’s portrait had dried for the last time, I went back in with the smallest brush I had and put in some very fine, “fuzzy” brushstrokes.

Rizzo’s ears – talk about some pink and purple!  Even in the photo, they were that vibrant, I swear to you!  🙂  It is amazing the vibrant, wild colors that naturally occur in our furry friends.  Just like Honey had tons of pink in her and oh my those green eyes.  Tor had a lot of dark blues and greens because he was reflecting his background.  The shadows on Ginger‘s chest had purples and mauve.  And, if you look closely at Rizzo’s chest, he has some ever-so-light sky blue.


2 Responses to “My first kitty cat: Rizzo”

  1. […] ears ensured there was no monotony of black and white as they were pink and purple all the way (kind of like the kitty, Rizzo)! Looks like Frankie has a little mischief in his eyes! Posted by mochieroo Filed in Watercolor […]

  2. Andrea Says:

    What an amazing painting! I was so surprised to see how amazingly realistic the painting looked, however, I thought the painting had more feeling to it than the actual photo. Chloe has a true art for not only capturing the characteristics of the animals but also their personality. My little painting of Rizzo will be close at heart forever!

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