Fuzzy Buca girl … a lesson in necessity of background (in certain situations)?

January 5, 2010

UPDATE – February 9, 2010 – I just finished a new portrait of Buca because I was not happy with the one below … check out the new, improved portrait of Buca, which I LOVE and I am very proud of!!!

Buca … what kind of pup is she?  I do not know … note to self: ask Patrick, “What kind of dog is Buca?”  What I do know is that she was VERY fuzzy (as in furry NOT as in blurry/out-of-focus).  And, in the picture Patrick gave me, Buca was leaning against something.  I could have done the background, but it was not a special background, kind of boring.  So, I decided to paint Buca, leave the background white.

My husbands critique?  He thinks it looks funny that Buca is leaning in her portrait, but leaning against nothing.

My thoughts?  I am unsure …  I do not know how I feel about it and I think I will need feedback from Buca’s owner to know how I feel.

Buca was a challenge in more ways than one … not only was she leaning, but as I mentioned this is one furry, fuzzy girl!  That was hard to capture, and I do not think I captured the fuzziness necessarily, maybe she just turned out more water-color-y?

Buca is worth coming back to.  I may have to re-paint her when I have time – experiment with the fuzziness and experiment with her background.  However, I do think, as far as the leaning goes, a photograph of Buca’s face would work better for me.  Since I reproduce photographs (exactly) as watercolor portraits, I need a good face-shot (yikes, that sounds yucky, but you know what I mean) to start from.  Therefore, I am removing Buca’s leaning photo off of the What Makes a Good Photo posting.  It is nothing personal and I really want to paint Buca again, just not while she’s leaning.


2 Responses to “Fuzzy Buca girl … a lesson in necessity of background (in certain situations)?”

  1. JL Moores Says:

    Hey Chloe, I see what John means. But, when I first got a glimpse of Bucca on facebook I thought she looked fabulous. I understand you wanting to come back to her for fuzziness sake, but I think you captured that well even. In the portrait her nose looks like velvet, which is how it really looks. Another shot at Buca wouldn’t hurt, but don’t knock yourself. I truly think it looks great; lean and all 🙂

  2. […] 10, 2010 I was not really happy with how Buca’s portrait turned out when I first painted her back in January, which was in large part because the photo I worked from […]

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