RIP: Tyson 2001-2009

December 31, 2009

Tyson just passed away last Monday after battling cancer in his hard palette.  He was 8 years old.  Poor Tyson was a smart, faithful, loving pit who was a member of my good friends, Emily and John’s family.  Like any pit, Tyson could look very intimidating, but he LOVED people.  He didn’t know his own size and strength when it came to being excited to meet new people.  Tyson was an amazing “big brother” to Emily and John’s boys, Vincent and Daemon, however.  Tyson liked to climb out of the backyard and go for walks around the neighborhood, which got him in to trouble on more than one occasion, but not because Tyson did anything bad when he was out roaming around.  He got in trouble because he didn’t realize that when he went out exploring, his people were at home worried about him.

This is my first postmortem watercolor portrait and I really hope Emily and John like it.

For Tyson’s portrait I did a lot of dry-brushing and layering of color.  Tyson’s nose was a challenge because it was very dark, but also contained many shades of dark drown and dark gray.  Tyson’s eyes are very sweet, sad eyes which I think (hope) I captured in his portrait.  I experimented with a little flair around Tyson’s scarf (I am sure Tyson’s dad, John, would not appreciate me calling it that) and ears.  I am really happy with the flair near the scarf, a minor but good detail.  However, I think I should have left the flair just that, scarf flair.  I am not as much of a fan of it up around the ears.  Regardless of my opinion, I hope that overall Emily and John love it and because that is what really matters to me!!!


One Response to “RIP: Tyson 2001-2009”

  1. Emily Says:

    I know this is an older post by now, but I am SO thrilled with this portrait! Thank you so much Chloe! You did such an amazing job capturing his big personality in this little watercolor! Absolutely incredible! (and I like the ‘flair’!)

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