I am SO excited! Drumroll Please …….. BELLA!

December 31, 2009

I just got my new Epson scanner today so that I can scan in my finished watercolors so that I have beautiful high-resolution photos of my finished watercolors.  Well, I got my scanner just in time to post the watercolor I finished on Tuesday!
Remember Bella with the painted toenails? Well, this is the Bella I am referring to!  Although I did not use the photo with painted toenails that I posted earlier this week, I used another PERFECT photo that Lacy (Bella’s mama) had emailed to me.  This is the photo of Bella I worked off of:

A very cute photo indeed and PERFECT for my style of painting.  I didn’t know it would be when I started, but Bella’s finished watercolor portrait is one of my favorite I have done yet (wait, I say that about all of them – but it’s true)!

Here is the finished Bella watercolor:

I am so very excited for Lacy’s reaction/critique/comments.  I emailed her with this scan so we’ll see what she says!

Now I am off to scan in another finished watercolor pet portrait … Tyson.


One Response to “I am SO excited! Drumroll Please …….. BELLA!”

  1. Lacy & Brad Says:

    We are so happy with how Bella’s portrait turned out–it looks exactly like her!! A little about our white lady… she is a white boxer, although neither of her parents were actually white (one was brindle, one was fawn)! I guess you could say she was the “runt” since she was the last of her litter to be adopted, but I think she was really just waiting for us to come along 🙂 We got her at a breeder down in Tyler, TX (when we lived in Austin). And today is actually her 4th birthday!! We can’t believe she has been with us so long, but we are grateful for her every single day! Happy birthday, Bel-Bel!!

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