Finshed Watercolors Thus Far … R/T, Honey, Tor, and Ginger

December 30, 2009

I figured I would post pictures of all my finished works from the past couple of weeks.  My goal is to do a blog entry for each new furry friend I make – post some pictures, post the finished watercolor portrait, and give some bio information.  However, with working to get the website going, going, going I just wanted to get these guys up so you could see them so figured I would do a watercolor dump for these guys and post them all at once.

R/T is my friend Patrick’s lab.  She is a hiking, camping, rafting, hunting, outdoor dog.  Her watercolor turned out very rich in color and life-like looking because I spent an un-godly amount of time letting paint dry and layering more on.  I did a lot of dry-brushing and didn’t add too much water to the paints in order to keep the pigments strong.  I also used ink in R/T’s eyes and the shadow’s on her body.  This is an exact reproduction of the photo that was given to me, minus a background.  The white background really makes R/T “pop” and the background in the photo was shadowy and didn’t consist of much anyway.  This composition is a perfect example of the MOCHIE-ROO style and I LOVE when I receive photos where that little face is high res, super-detailed, and the main focus.

You met Honey in a previous post, dedicated to her, but I am putting her up again anyways.  Honey’s photo was not high res, was a little blurry, and had less detail compared to the photo of R/T that I received.  So, Honey’s watercolor portrait is a little less detailed and has a more watery, fluid style.  I used brown and black ink on Honey’s eyes and again did quite a bit of layering paint to get her saturated with color.

Tor is a black lab, and let me tell you, I did not anticipate Tor being as much of a challenge as he was!  I used a lot of ink on Tor because he is so dark.  I wanted to keep his rich darkness so that he wouldn’t be washed out in comparison to the amazing backdrop.  The photo that Tor’s mom, Cecily, gave me was gorgeous.  It had handsome Tor and the breathtaking background you see in the painting.  So, for this piece I could NOT leave the background white.   Tor’s body looks very geometric since there are not many different shades of color in him; I didn’t plan on doing this at first because I thought he might look too cartoon-y.  But, I love how Tor turned out.  And hopefully Cecily loves it too!

Ginger is a timid Chihuahua princess.  Ginger’s watercolor portrait was a Christmas gift for her Grandma, owner Kip’s mom.  I originally finished the watercolor and left the background white, however, Kip asked that I do a color wash background.  An interesting note about Ginger’s portrait, it was oddly fun to work on the shadows on her chest because there were some very cool purples and mauves there.  Ginger’s feet are tiny in real life and in her portrait, too, so they were the most difficult part of this painting.

Well, those are the watercolors I have completed in the past couple of weeks.  A nice variety of breeds, and I have a boxer, pit, and two cats that I will be working on this week.  It will be my first time painting a kitty, so it should be interesting.


3 Responses to “Finshed Watercolors Thus Far … R/T, Honey, Tor, and Ginger”

  1. […]   It is amazing the vibrant, wild colors that naturally occur in our furry friends.  Just like Honey had tons of pink in here.  Tor had a lot of dark blues and greens because he was reflecting his […]

  2. Cecily Says:

    Chloe did the most AMAZING job on the watercolor of Tor! Photos of him don’t even turn out as well because of his dark coat. I was speechless when Chloe handed me the portrait. It is so true to the feeling of the time and place where I took the photo. Thank you, Chloe!

  3. kip Says:

    You did so good! This was a pic taken with my cellphone! My mom really likes it and even framed it in her living room! She loves her grandoggy! Thanks a bunch, cant wait to see more from you! I know I am going to have a couple more done, sweet gift idea! 😉 Thanks agian…..Kip

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