Starting on Miss Bella Graham

December 29, 2009

This afternoon I am SO excited to be starting on a watercolor portrait of a crazy cute Boxer named Bella.  Bella is my good friends’, Lacy and Brad, dog.  Bella has some very intense big eyes that will be very fun to capture (eyes are usually my favorite part to work on).  Ooooohhhh, she is going to be FUN to paint!

Before I got started, I just had to share this picture that Lacy sent me of Bella:

I think this girl likes getting her picture taken, no?

Lacy sent me four photos of this girlie-girl and it is going to be quite difficult to decide which one watercolor.

Well, I am off to start on my sketches of Bella.


One Response to “Starting on Miss Bella Graham”

  1. […] watercolors.  Well, I got my scanner just in time to post the watercolor I finished on Tuesday! Remember Bella with the painted toenails? Well, this is the Bella I am referring to!  Although I did not use the photo with painted toenails […]

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