Submitting a Photo and What Makes a Good Photo

December 28, 2009

From one of your favorite photos, I will produce an original work of watercolor art of your furry friend approximately 4×6” or 5×7” in size. To truly capture your animal’s personality (whatever it may be!) I work from lovable up-close shots of your animal and their sweet face.

For the convenience of both of us, I prefer photographs to be emailed to me in a digital format (jpeg, gif, pdf, ai, ps).  High resolution, high quality photographs are, of course, the ideal to work from.  It is also ideal to have the photograph clearly show the pet’s face in detail.

Here are examples of photos that would work well:

Mocha (aka THE MOCHIE-ROO)




These photos are good to work from because they all show the sweet face clearly.  Ginger and Honey are not the sharpest (they are a little blurry) but they are still just fine for me to work from.

A few notes about these photos…

The first one of Mochie probably would need to be done with a background.  Not a problem, this is a case where I would do a background.

You’ll notice that the background in Ginger’s photo isn’t anything special (cords and remotes), but that is no big deal because my style is to paint only the sweet furry face (and part of body that is in photo) and leave the background white.  I can do backgrounds, too, however, and in Ginger’s case I did a color wash background at the request of her pet parent instead of copying what is in the photo’s background.

With Honey and Buca, I would probably play with the composition and leave the background white.

Please contact me if you have questions about whether or not the photo you have in mind will work.


One Response to “Submitting a Photo and What Makes a Good Photo”

  1. […] know what I mean) to start from.  Therefore, I am removing Buca’s leaning photo off of the What Makes a Good Photo posting.  It is nothing personal and I really want to paint Buca again, just not while she’s […]

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