Hello! Welcome to blogging, Chloe. Well, hi blog! I am glad to be here.

December 28, 2009

To compliment my soon-to-be-launched website, I am starting this blog!  I will post photos of my completed custom pet watercolor portraits along with biographical information on the new furry friends I meet and paint!

To start off, please read the ABOUT section of my blog to get to know me a little, tiny bit better.

Also, to stay in the MOCHIE-ROO loop (it is a very exciting and fun loop), please join my email mailing list here.

I am diligently and feverishly working on my website as we speak; I cannot wait to get it up and out there!  When you sign up for my MOCHIE-ROO email mailing list, you will not miss the announcement that I send out when my site is live and online.

On my website you will be able to order a custom pet watercolor portrait of you beloved pet (I am so excited).  In the meantime, however, you can contact me at ccsolheim@aol.com to commission a watercolor portrait of your pet.  Currently, I do 4×6 portraits for $75.  Please read the MOCHIE-ROO  Method, Technique, & Style section on my ABOUT page and check out the completed works I post here on the blog to get an idea of what my finished watercolor portraits are like.


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