RIP: Tyson 2001-2009

December 31, 2009

Tyson just passed away last Monday after battling cancer in his hard palette.  He was 8 years old.  Poor Tyson was a smart, faithful, loving pit who was a member of my good friends, Emily and John’s family.  Like any pit, Tyson could look very intimidating, but he LOVED people.  He didn’t know his own size and strength when it came to being excited to meet new people.  Tyson was an amazing “big brother” to Emily and John’s boys, Vincent and Daemon, however.  Tyson liked to climb out of the backyard and go for walks around the neighborhood, which got him in to trouble on more than one occasion, but not because Tyson did anything bad when he was out roaming around.  He got in trouble because he didn’t realize that when he went out exploring, his people were at home worried about him.

This is my first postmortem watercolor portrait and I really hope Emily and John like it.

For Tyson’s portrait I did a lot of dry-brushing and layering of color.  Tyson’s nose was a challenge because it was very dark, but also contained many shades of dark drown and dark gray.  Tyson’s eyes are very sweet, sad eyes which I think (hope) I captured in his portrait.  I experimented with a little flair around Tyson’s scarf (I am sure Tyson’s dad, John, would not appreciate me calling it that) and ears.  I am really happy with the flair near the scarf, a minor but good detail.  However, I think I should have left the flair just that, scarf flair.  I am not as much of a fan of it up around the ears.  Regardless of my opinion, I hope that overall Emily and John love it and because that is what really matters to me!!!


I just got my new Epson scanner today so that I can scan in my finished watercolors so that I have beautiful high-resolution photos of my finished watercolors.  Well, I got my scanner just in time to post the watercolor I finished on Tuesday!
Remember Bella with the painted toenails? Well, this is the Bella I am referring to!  Although I did not use the photo with painted toenails that I posted earlier this week, I used another PERFECT photo that Lacy (Bella’s mama) had emailed to me.  This is the photo of Bella I worked off of:

A very cute photo indeed and PERFECT for my style of painting.  I didn’t know it would be when I started, but Bella’s finished watercolor portrait is one of my favorite I have done yet (wait, I say that about all of them – but it’s true)!

Here is the finished Bella watercolor:

I am so very excited for Lacy’s reaction/critique/comments.  I emailed her with this scan so we’ll see what she says!

Now I am off to scan in another finished watercolor pet portrait … Tyson.

I just found an amazing artist today … David Mostyn has been a cartoonist since 1962.  He does amazing, whimsical cartoon watercolor animals among other things.  You can check out his watercolor animals on his website here.

It doesn’t appear that you can purchase prints of his work off of his site, which is truly a shame!  And, it also appears his work is geared more towards corporate licensing (I am guessing that’s where the big bucks are).  In fact, if your company is interested in licensing one of his works, you must first have a “bluechip reputation” … I googled it and couldn’t find exactly what that means, so anyone who does know, please enlighten me.  Just my curiosity running rampant and I will be thinking about bluechip reputations until I know what it means…

Join our email list…

December 31, 2009

I just created a new page here on the blog so that all you blog readers can join the MOCHIE-ROO email list.  Please join so that you are in-the-know about all the MOCHIE-ROO happenings.  I really don’t want you to miss anything!

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I figured I would post pictures of all my finished works from the past couple of weeks.  My goal is to do a blog entry for each new furry friend I make – post some pictures, post the finished watercolor portrait, and give some bio information.  However, with working to get the website going, going, going I just wanted to get these guys up so you could see them so figured I would do a watercolor dump for these guys and post them all at once.

R/T is my friend Patrick’s lab.  She is a hiking, camping, rafting, hunting, outdoor dog.  Her watercolor turned out very rich in color and life-like looking because I spent an un-godly amount of time letting paint dry and layering more on.  I did a lot of dry-brushing and didn’t add too much water to the paints in order to keep the pigments strong.  I also used ink in R/T’s eyes and the shadow’s on her body.  This is an exact reproduction of the photo that was given to me, minus a background.  The white background really makes R/T “pop” and the background in the photo was shadowy and didn’t consist of much anyway.  This composition is a perfect example of the MOCHIE-ROO style and I LOVE when I receive photos where that little face is high res, super-detailed, and the main focus.

You met Honey in a previous post, dedicated to her, but I am putting her up again anyways.  Honey’s photo was not high res, was a little blurry, and had less detail compared to the photo of R/T that I received.  So, Honey’s watercolor portrait is a little less detailed and has a more watery, fluid style.  I used brown and black ink on Honey’s eyes and again did quite a bit of layering paint to get her saturated with color.

Tor is a black lab, and let me tell you, I did not anticipate Tor being as much of a challenge as he was!  I used a lot of ink on Tor because he is so dark.  I wanted to keep his rich darkness so that he wouldn’t be washed out in comparison to the amazing backdrop.  The photo that Tor’s mom, Cecily, gave me was gorgeous.  It had handsome Tor and the breathtaking background you see in the painting.  So, for this piece I could NOT leave the background white.   Tor’s body looks very geometric since there are not many different shades of color in him; I didn’t plan on doing this at first because I thought he might look too cartoon-y.  But, I love how Tor turned out.  And hopefully Cecily loves it too!

Ginger is a timid Chihuahua princess.  Ginger’s watercolor portrait was a Christmas gift for her Grandma, owner Kip’s mom.  I originally finished the watercolor and left the background white, however, Kip asked that I do a color wash background.  An interesting note about Ginger’s portrait, it was oddly fun to work on the shadows on her chest because there were some very cool purples and mauves there.  Ginger’s feet are tiny in real life and in her portrait, too, so they were the most difficult part of this painting.

Well, those are the watercolors I have completed in the past couple of weeks.  A nice variety of breeds, and I have a boxer, pit, and two cats that I will be working on this week.  It will be my first time painting a kitty, so it should be interesting.

Starting on Miss Bella Graham

December 29, 2009

This afternoon I am SO excited to be starting on a watercolor portrait of a crazy cute Boxer named Bella.  Bella is my good friends’, Lacy and Brad, dog.  Bella has some very intense big eyes that will be very fun to capture (eyes are usually my favorite part to work on).  Ooooohhhh, she is going to be FUN to paint!

Before I got started, I just had to share this picture that Lacy sent me of Bella:

I think this girl likes getting her picture taken, no?

Lacy sent me four photos of this girlie-girl and it is going to be quite difficult to decide which one watercolor.

Well, I am off to start on my sketches of Bella.

Honey-Baby: My Puppy Niece

December 28, 2009

Honey and I met just recently, in November to be exact, and I fell in love with her instantly.  I went to visit my sister in Phoenix and got to meet her new baby girl, Honey.  Honey, a pit/boxer mix, is a mere 6 months old but is surprisingly calm for a puppy.  Don’t get me wrong, Honey gets excited as all puppies do, and when she does she snorts and grunts.  This snorting and grunting is accentuated by her under-bite, straggly little teeth, and wiggly behind. Honey is a lover, to be certain, and gets cold rather easily so she loves wearing her fleece hoodie.

For Christmas I painted a watercolor portrait of Honey as a gift for Jonna.  She loved it!