New Blog Address

February 9, 2011

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We have a new email!  Please feel free to drop us a line any ol’ time!

Viva CurvExpo NV

February 16, 2010

I am currently in Las Vegas for the CurvExpo – the designer lingerie and swim show with JL of Pretty-Bras for Nursing Moms.  Be back to painting portraits on Wednesday!

When we got home this afternoon from Teddy’s Run (a 5K fundraiser for a local 10-year old undergoing treatment for a brain tumor), we were excited to find a Valentine waiting in our mailbox from my aunt, Jonna (Chloe’s sister in Phoenix)!

Jonna sent Chloe a pair of Lululemon socks (remember, Chloe blogged about Lululemon a while back?).  Chloe was excited about those socks, but I was excited because Jonna sent ME some Bentley’s Biscuits, wholesome, handmade doggie treats made with REAL food ingredients (not yucky stuff).  I got the Apples & Oats and the Peanut Butter!!!  These are supremely delicious treats, and they are low-calorie and good for me (a lady has to keep an eye on her figure, ya know!).

Well, as I mentioned, Chloe was excited about those socks, but then I caught her eyeballing MY treats!!!  She even took a bite of one before sharing it with me, the rightful owner!  Anyways, we tried the Apple & Oats, and it was AMAZING!!! BEST TREAT I EVER TASTED!!!  Chloe agreed, she said they were yummy, too, and not just dog-treat yummy, but truly tasty!  No wonder she took another nibble before giving me another!

Here’s more information about the ingredients/flavors:

Apples & Oats: Rolled oats, unsweetened 100% apple juice, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.

Peanut Butter: The highest quality all natural, unsweetened 100% peanut butter, mixed with rolled oats, whole wheat flour and
fresh eggs.

Health Dog: Whole pumpkin, rolled oats, whole wheat flour, cinnamon and fresh eggs. (I am going to get online today and order this flavor, mmmmm it sounds so good!)

Chicken: Real chicken broth, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.

Beef: Real beef broth, whole wheat, fresh eggs and garlic.

Honestly, am being dramatic; I didn’t mind sharing my treats with Chloe, I am a sweet girl like that.  However, I am not sure I want to share them with anyone else, so you should go out and get your own.  You can order them online and they are available at AJ’s Fine Foods locations in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Found a new blog today … one of those blogs you could lose yourself in, reading all the archived posts and before you know it hours have past…  The Everything is Terrible blog (If everything is terrible, then nothing is!).

It is worth checking out if you have time to waste and want to be extremely unproductive.

When I watercolor paint, I have two favorite glass jars to use for water (yes, I have favorite jars).  They are reincarnated pickle jars.  I love pickles and a while back I ordered some pickles from Rick’s Picks.  Once I promptly ate all the pickles, I washed the empty jars in the dishwasher and began using the jars when I watercolor paint.

Both pickle “flavors” I had were delicious, but the Kool Gherks were my fave.

Buca Re-do

February 10, 2010

I was not really happy with how Buca’s portrait turned out when I first painted her back in January, which was in large part because the photo I worked from was adorable as a photo, but not as a watercolor portrait without a background.  Buca’s owner, Patrick, also thought the first portrait I did could really use a background (I appreciate honesty from my clients SO MUCH).  Well, I took Patricks constructive comments about the background and decided the first portrait of Buca was not worthy, and not up to par with the rest of my work, so, I got some new photos from Patrick, and painted a new portrait of her.  It was well worth it, because I am 1000% happier with how Buca’s new portrait turned out, in fact it is one of my personal favorites. I am particularly happy with how the nose/muzzle/mouth and bust turned out in this new portrait.  If you remember back to the first portrait I did of Buca, I struggled with the fuzzy, furriness of Buca.  Well, this time, I think I nailed it.

Ta-Da! The new, improved Buca portrait!

Right after I decided Buca's portrait was finished and ready to dry for the final time.

I still don’t know a whole lot about Buca (other than she’s adorable when she smiles) … so look for a follow-up post with more about her in the future.